Now just one day away, and the season begins!

Normally I should have put some initial information on an “Announcements” page on the band’s website (, but I haven’t yet – sorry.

I hope this email suffices with a few “let’s get rolling” bits of information.

1st – NHB should enter in a different doorway/entrance than previously. DO NOT go in the Commons entrance (near the football field). Instead, look to the left of the commons entrance, to the end of the building where there is a statue set of “family and friends” in front of an American flag (the statues are statues, but the flag is a REAL waving flag. That statue set is in a little ‘courtyard’, and in the corner of that courtyard is an entrance by the fine arts room, which is very close to the band room. I’ll try to guide everyone in. Arrive anytime between 6:00 and 6:30 pm (the door doesn’t unlock until 6:00, so don’t arrive earlier than that, unless you would make arrangements with me).

2nd – even though you’ll receive some music right away tomorrow, I thought I would give you a preview, both visual and auditory samples of what we’ll be learning. We’ve got old and new, and something in between. For each title, click the link to the publisher’s website which as links to sample audio, and often pdf of what the music looks like.

First the old: “Renaissance Festival & Dances” / a 3 movement work, not too hard depending on your level, and even if it looks beyond your level, remember, it’s only beyond your level at this time. We’re going to improve/learn/be proud of what we’ll all achieve. A few challenges are playing in Ab Major, and some 3/4 counting with some of my favorite rhythm effects: hemiolas!

Next, something rather new: “Metrix”, with the title indicating that counting/time signature/meter is the fun feature of this piece. It sounds harder than it looks, probably, to some people, since counting in 5/4 is not very common. Believe me, it’ll be fun.

Finally, if there’s time, a Scottish folk song – “Song of the Hebrides” – arranged by one of my favorite composers/arrangers, who has lived, taught band, and written/published music his whole life right here in Wisconsin. His name is Larry Daehn (pronounced Dan).

Song of the Hebrides

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, with not only familiar friends, but new friends, too.