NHBFV Cancelation Policy

How We Handle Cancelations

In the event that a winter, spring or fall session would need to be canceled, a refund would be provided to all participants (unless the participant prefers a credit toward a future session or make their payment a donation to our non-profit).

Otherwise, the only foreseeable reason we would cancel a WEEKLY rehearsal date is due to bad winter weather – typically occurring in January and/or February.

Following is the cancelation policy for our band program:

The New Horizons Band Fox Valley policy is we do NOT cancel weekly rehearsals due to bad weather and let each participant determine if they feel comfortable and safe driving to rehearsal based on their own specific circumstances (such as distance, road conditions, personal vehicle drivability and comfort level driving in poor weather). On such occasions, we have always held rehearsal with whoever is present.

The ONLY EXCEPTION to this band policy has been when our rehearsal facility provider, Xavier Middle School (XMS), closes their school due to bad winter weather and we would not have access to their building. If a weekly rehearsal does need to be canceled due to building closure, our Band Director will send an email announcement out to all band members by mid-afternoon of that day and also post the announcement on the home page of the band website. (You can also follow local radio and TV announcements regarding school closures due to bad winter weather.)

Please note: NHBFV has a “flex” week between the end of our winter session and spring session to provide a make-up rehearsal if needed. If such a make-up rehearsal is NOT needed, then this week becomes a ‘bonus’ rehearsal for everyone. If we have more than one canceled rehearsal date, the band will make every effort with XMS to schedule a make-up rehearsal on a different night in a different week before the end of the current session.