Hello Everyone,
Thanks for a great rehearsal tonight! I was really proud of everyone for their playing. Our tempo was quick [Phantom], we ran a brand new chart [Rhapsody], we changed from 4/4 to 2/2 (cut time) without a warning [Blinding], and we wonderfully followed the conductor in a medley [Mancini].

About half way through each session, I think it is fun to run all of our charts. On February 20, plan to start with a chorale, and then we will go into the 7 charts we currently have in the books. This will be followed by sectionals for the rest of the time. I will decide an order eventually – probably chronological… However, I wanted to get this message out as quickly as possible because I had a special request from Doug Marsh to remind everyone about a few things:

  • Please remember to register online for the Spring session. The Spring session starts March 12).
  • We will have a rehearsal on Tuesday, March 5. This is a make-up rehearsal from our snow day.
  • Registration fees for the Spring session are $100.

One last thing! I might have mispoke… I can’t recall which chart I mentioned had to be played faster to fit on one record. In any case, it was Rhapsody in Blue! It has been a long day – Be well, Everyone!
~ Jenny Leist

Quick Reminders:


This Week’s Rehearsal Notes:

Full Group

  • Chorale Packet
  • Mancini
  • Phantom
  • Rhapsody
  • Blinding Lights
  • Ode to a Flash Mob
  • American River Songs
  • Joy

[BREAK – 10 minutes]


For sectionals, please work on areas you’ve noted could benefit from some additional work – thank you!

New Seating Chart:

  • 4th Tier – Percussion – 3-ish chairs
  • 3rd Tier – xylo – 8-9 chairs (2 bar, 2 tuba, 4-5 tb) – vibes
  • 2nd Tier – 8 & 7 chairs
  • 1st Tier – 7 & 7 chairs
  • Row 2 Floor – 7 & 7 chairs
  • Row 1 Floor – 7 & 6 chairs