Hello Musicians!
Great work last Tuesday, Folks! You put the pro in progress. 😉
After rehearsal last week, An, Ron, Michael, and I met to work out details for this week. (I have a Band concert that Tuesday and will, unfortunately, not be able to make it that night.) You’ll see what we worked out for you below.
Thank you!
~ Jenny Leist
Ps. Remember to register for the next session and pay for the prior one, if applicable. 🙂

Quick Reminders:


This Week’s Rehearsal Notes:

Sectionals – 50 minutes

  • Warm-Up
  • Joy
  • Rhapsody
  • Blinding Lights (if time)
  • American River Songs

[BREAK – 10 minutes – 7:20-7:30]

Full Group – 60 minutes – 20 mins for each director

  • Under Michal’s Direction:
    • Warm-Up
    • American River Songs
  • Under An’s Direction:
    • Joy
  • Under Ron’s Direction:
    • Rhapsody
    • Blinding Lights

Remember: Our community is full of musical performances!

🎶Leap in to the Appleton Beer Factory to hear The HASBand this Thursday (2/29)

🎶The NH Orchestra has a concert 3/2/24 –

🎶The FV Flute Choir performs 3/4/24 at the Neenah Public Library – https://neenahlibrary.org/node/1490

🎶The UWO Fox Valley Concert Band is 3/22/24.
Events – UW Oshkosh Today – https://uwosh.edu/today/events/?trumbaEmbed=view%3Devent%26eventid%3D1117579532

🎶More details to come on the NHB Ensemble Flag Day Performance