Next Tuesday, October 5, either in sectionals, rehearsal, or both count on going through some or all of the following:

“March to the Scaffold”
“Renaissance Festival & Dances”

For the time being, I’m putting a “HOLD” on Java, so if you’ve practiced it, or want to keep practicing it, “Java” may or may not ‘make the cut’ onto our Saturday, 2:00 pm, November 13 concert program in the FVL auditorium.

There may be a substitute instead – something familiar that we made great progress on just before the shut down by the virus “that shall not be named.” I’ll be looking at “Jersey Boys” again over the weekend to consider handing out in place of “Java.” I know there are a few Frankie Valley and the 4 Seasons fans in the band.

More details to follow – I’m off to work, though, so I have to sign off until later this weekend!