A new piece to give you this week. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a recording of it. It’s a spritely, programmatic piece called “Oriental Holiday.” Though a little bit stereotypical of East Asian music (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc.), it does use make use of very classic melodic scales, typically pentatonic at times, and overall has a very cheerful sound. Rhythms are not too difficult and is in cut time. I think you’ll enjoy it, as I do.

6:30 Warm-up
Once again, Superior Bands Book – Arpeggios – p. 46 Bb major and G minor / p. 49 Ab major and F minor / Breath Control Exercises – p. 55 – #1 and #2 (Bb major & Ab major)

6:40 Sectionals
“Oklahoma” – Review parts D to the end
“Aladdin” – review m. 1-46
“Oriental Holiday”

7:40 Full Rehearsal
“Oriental Holiday”
(as time permits) “Deir in De” review

See you Tuesday 🙂