Well, as promised/threatened/hoped-for/etc., I’ve dug out the grandiose, fantastic, ever-loved music of James Bond movie music. “Bond . . . James Bond”, an arrangement by Stephen Bulla, coming to a New Horizons Band rehearsal ‘near you.’ I promise we’ll have a great time relearning (first time for some of you) this fun arrangement. There’s a link down below to a sample recording.

Mike, An, and Kris, I’ll stop by your homes tomorrow sometime to drop off the music. If you’re not home, I’ll put it inside your front doors. (Mike, have you moved? Let me know if you have so I have your correct new address.)

“Bond . . . James Bond” sample recording

6:30 WARM-UP
Superior Bands Book – p. 33-37 / Scales in Thirds / just the major scales / #1 Bb / #3 Eb / #5 F / #7 Ab / #9 Db

6:40 – 7:30 SECTIONALS ( a little longer this week )
“Bond . . . James Bond” – m. 1-77 (yep, we’ll try to get a big start on it)
As time permits:
“Oriental Holiday” – beginning to end if time
“The King of Rock N’ Roll” – m. 5-41 review – melody rhythms must agree with each other

7:40 – 8:30 REHEARSAL
“The King of Rock N’ Roll” – just m. 1-41 – exact melody rhythms 🙂
“Oriental Holiday”
“Bond . . . James Bond” – m. 1-77

See you Tuesday 🙂