Just a reminder that next Tuesday will be a little different than usual, in that there will be no sectional time. We’ll have a full rehearsal starting right away at 6:30, due to Mike and An being absent that night. I’ll schedule a break around 7:30 (give or take), and we’ll see how everyone is feeling (strength, energy, embouchure, etc.) once we get to 8:00. I’ll try to gauge if we can go all the way to 8:30. I’ll try to not be CRUEL 🙂

Superior Bands in 16 Weeks – p. 60 Chromatic Scales #1 and #2 / p. 55 Breath Control Exercises #1 and #2 / p. 65-66 Warm-up and Tuning Chorales #1 and #2 (try to divide up the parts in your sections)

“Highlander Regiment” (a nice full bodied ‘ice breaker’ to get our ‘juices’ flowing)
“The King of Rock N’ Roll”
“Deir’ In De”


“Spanish Flea”
“Rhythm of the Winds”
“The Lord of the Dance”

I hope that you will enjoy playing the entire night as a full band. In case you will especially miss having sectionals, it will be just this week. Eventually, though, when we are near our Saturday, May 14, 2:00 pm concert, those final rehearsals will be mostly or all full band rehearsals, with little or no sectional work.

Some new players will be looking for copies of our music, and I’ll have them ready for you.

Looks like we might have a little spring like weather in a few days, so hopefully that will put a spring in your step, a ‘lilt’ to your soul, and a smile to your face. See you next Tuesday 🙂