Well hopefully no more weather cancellations.

I’m pasting below the same message as last week, so what we were planning on will stay the same for this week. See you Tuesday:)

Now that I’ve stuck 9 pieces of music in your folder in 7 weeks, maybe I should refrain from adding new music this week. (OK, but just this once! 🙂

Just a heads up, brass sectional will be in the Health classroom, which is on the other side of the Commons and to the right, past the Cafeteria kitchen. It will be easy to get to, just a few more steps.

6:30 Warm-up
Superior Bands Book – Arpeggios – p. 46 Bb major and G minor / p. 49 Ab major and F minor / Breath Control Exercises – p. 55 – #1 and #2 (Bb major & Ab major)

6:40 Sectionals
“The Lord of the Dance” – full review
“Spanish Flea” – full review
“Aladdin” – m. 121-end (new material – very relaxed, but important syncopated “pop” rhythms

7:40 Full Rehearsal
“The Lord of the Dance”
“Spanish Flea”
(as time permits) “Oklahoma” review

Once again, a trip down memory lane video, for nostalgic folks like me 🙂

Spanish Flea