Hopefully there will be no storms to contend with tonight – the percent chance is 20-30% – and we do have the pavilion for ‘protection.’

If we can separate into 3 groups, the percussion will continue to use the stage.
This week is a CHANGE for the wind players – we are not dividing by Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 with the Flex Arrangements we’re playing. We’ll divide by WOODWINDS & BRASS.

Kris will take the brass and work on “The Great Escape.”
Bob will take the woodwinds and work on “The Great Escape.”

6:50 FULL REHEARSAL (hopefully on stage)
“The Great Escape”
“The Planets”

I have another new march that we can hand out tonight for you to look over, and we can begin work on it next week.