I know that we’ve only got a few pieces of music out to you so far, but hopefully you are enjoying our first pieces. There will be a couple new pieces added this week: “Aladdin” and “Oklahoma.”

Learning a lot of new music (sight reading) in sectionals and full rehearsal is not every musicians’ favorite activity. Try not to worry/stress about playing everything correctly right away. Remember, “it’s why we rehearse:)”

Hang in there.

This week I’ll use the “Superior Bands in 16 Week’s” book for warm-up right away at 6:30 for full band warm-up. We’ll use the Eb scale (p. 25), Ab scale (p. 27), and the C major and A minor scales (p. 29). If you still have your copy of “Superior Bands” bring it. If you handed yours in, I’ll have copies for everyone as you arrive.

Sectionals will start no later than 6:40 and go to 7:40 pm.

Full Rehearsal will start at 7:50.

We’ll try learning the first 45 measures of “Aladdin,” the beginning of “Oklahoma” through Section C and continue with the 2nd part of “The Lord of the Dance,” starting at m. 39.

Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday night 🙂