New music for this week’s February 8 NHB rehearsal. “Rhythm of the Winds” by Frank Erickson comes from almost 60 years ago, a unique time in wind band literature. Composers made efforts to make the wind band genre a unique symphonic force, and Frank Erickson is a big name from the era. The piece has no key signature, but has a tonality that often sounds like it’s in the key of F. Flats and sharps that are needed are always notated, rather than just in the key signature. As indicated by the title, rhythms are a a distinctive feature of the piece, but not so as to make it overly challenging. Here’s a link to what it sounds like:

Rhythm of the Winds (Frank Erickson)

February 8 Rehearsal

Band Warm-up 6:30-6:35
Superior Bands Scales in Thirds – p. 33, 34, 35

Sectionals 6:40-7:30
“Oklahoma” – Sections F & G (end) / This is the title piece “Oklahoma”
“The King of Rock and Roll” – m. 67-end / back to the shuffle/swing rock
“Rhythm of the Winds” – m. 1-60

Full Rehearsal 7:40-8:30
“Rhythm of the Winds”
“The Kind of Rock n’ Roll”
“Oklahoma” (Sections F & G)
“Deir’ In De” (review the beginning)

See you Tuesday 🙂