Looks like we got past the super cold last week – more on the way this week? Mike, An, Kris, and I appreciate that you “hearty souls” brave the Wisconsin winter so well 🙂

I think you have music handed out from the first week, but we haven’t played it yet. It’s the Johann Sebastian Bach chorale “Komm, Süsser Tod.” Not a piece typical for our group, but Bach is one of the giants of all Western civilization (or even in all the world) music. Any of you with any German Lutheran background may be more familiar with the chorale style of music. If it’s new to you, you’re in for a treat. As Kris and An go through the piece in sectional time, there are parts that are a little difficult to do without the whole group, and their scores are not very detailed, so hang in there.

February 1 Rehearsal
Band Warm-up 6:30-6:35
Superior Bands p. 24 (Bb Major/G Minor) / p. 25 (Eb Major/C Minor) / p. 28 (Db Major) / p. 60 (Chromatic Scales – Bb and Eb)

Sectionals 6:40-7:30

“The King of Rock N’ Roll” – review of m. 1-42, and now continue with ‘Love Me Tender’, up to m. 66

“Komm, Süsser Tod” – the A section (beginning 21 measures) and B section are the same, except that dynamics and instrumentation vary. Follow your breath marks and phrasing carefully.

“The Lord of the Dance” – review of m. 39 – end

“Oklahoma” – review of Part D & E

Full Rehearsal 7:40-8:30
“The King of Rock N’ Roll”
“Komm, Süsser Tod”
“The Lord of the Dance”

Links to sample recordings:

The King of Rock N’ Roll (arr. Johnnie Vinson) X

The Lord of the Dance (arr. Richard Saucedo)

Oklahoma (arr. Paul Yoder)

Komm, Susser Tod – JS Bach (arr. Erik Leidzen)