Hello, Everyone!
First, I am so glad to see so many new members, returning members, and guests our first week! In the midst of general first rehearsal chaos (moving chairs and stands, passing out music, learning about the program, etc.) I hope you found some moments of laughter and are looking forward to meeting next week!
**If you have not yet registered, please complete your registration as soon as possible: Join Us – New Horizons Band Fox Valley
Some additional notes I would like to share:
  1. Tom Franklin (TSAX) did a great job going over housekeeping items for the Band. Thanks, Tom!
    Welcome Announcements Handout Sept 5, 2023
  2. New Horizons BAND Fox Valley is a “branch” of New Horizons MUSIC Fox Valley (NHMFV).
    • The president of the organization is Ryan Smith.
    • Brenda Timm creates our programs and updates our website weekly.
    • Our Concert Dates are November 11th and May 18th.  The concerts generally start at 2:00PM and include the orchestra. They are held at Xavier Middle School.
    • There is an ANNUAL PICNIC for New Horizons Music Fox Valley (NHMFV) and you are invited!
      • 7th Annual Picnic: Saturday, September 23rd, 12:00-2:00pm, Telulah Park – Appleton
      • RSVP: tyimail@sbcglobal.net or 920-475-1165.
    • NHMFV has a Facebook page that you can follow: https:www.facebook.com/NHMFV
  3. Here is the 23-24 NHBFV Roster for EVERYONE to review (for individual privacy considerations, link not included in this public post). Please reply immediately if your name needs to be added, corrected, or changed as this is how it will appear in the concert program. 🙂
  4. Here are the songs you should have in your folder (or will receive soon from An):
    • Last Full Measure – Michael Sweeney
    • In Honor – Armed Forces Salute + SSB – Randy Navarre
    • In the Mood – Joe Garland, Arr. Paul Lavender
    • Military Escort – Bennett, Harold
    • Military Escort in Five Ways – Fillmore, Henry
    • I Vow to Thee, My Country – Paul Murtha
    • Tears of the Arizona – Brian Bslmages
    • The British Are Coming – Jay Bocook
    • The Great Locomotive Chase – Robert W. Smith
    • September (for fun)
  5. I keep an up-to-date NHBFV Listening Links page for our current concert music in one convenient location on-line so you don’t have to search for it to play along with at home. The sheet music is available there, too. Click on the orange highlighted text to open the sheet music files.

Next week’s Rehearsal Notes:

(Full Group – 25 minutes)
  • Warm-Up: Bb Scale on p. 24
  • Tune
  • Tears of the Arizona – Rehearse ALL
  • The Great Locomotive Chase – Sections (listen to, mm. 29 – 69, 103 – ~123, 8 mm. from the end)

(Sectionals – 50 minutes) 

  • The Great Locomotive Chase ((mm. 29 – 69, 103 – ~123, 8 mm. from the end)
  • Tears of the Arizona (as needed)
  • The British Are Coming! mm. 53-end
  • In The Mood (Saxes) (if time)
[BREAK & Snacks – 10 minutes]
(Full Group – 35 minutes)
  • Military Escort
  • The British Are Coming!
I hope you found this email helpful and informative. Please let me know if you have any questions! Until next Tuesday… Happy Practicing!
Kind Regards,
Jenny Leist
Check out the very interesting life and the extensive discography of Mr. Henry Fillmore!