Hey Everyone – Here are a few FYIs:

  • I don’t think we will add Le’Rejouissance at this point. The orchestra can join us for I Vow to Thee.
  • The sectionals seemed to work out last week in their new locations. WWs that were not at rehearsal: You might want to bring a stand light because the stage lighting is dim compared to the choir room.
  • Thanks to everyone who is helping reset the rooms at the end of the evening!
  • A student shared with me that he would be participating in a suicide awareness walk for veterans. I thought it was interesting and wanted to share:  Veteran Suicide Awareness March:  https://hooahwi.org/events/
  • The Great Locomotive Chase is a true story! Check out some of the details of the infamous hijacked locomotive:
    Brief History of: The Great Locomotive Chase:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYF6vwGPzZI
  •  Today is the US Navy’s Birthday!
  •  And our last-but-not-least FYI… Rehearsal Notes are listed below!

I am looking forward to a great rehearsal😄
See you Tuesday!
Jenny Leist

Warm-Up: Scales, Tears of the Arizona

  • (Tempo of Tears needs to move after the intro, think a true quarter = 152 bpm at that measure 14.)
  • In the Mood
  • Great Locomotive Chase

Sectionals (In the Mood, Great Loco, 5 Ways, anything in In Honor)

  • In Honor
  • Last Full Measure
  • The British Are Coming

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