Talented NHB Musicians:

In just over a week, we will be coming together to put on our New Horizons Music Fox Valley Fall Concert. Thanks for helping our community be a fun place to live and one that is filled with music! 😊

To help prepare for our concert and our LAST FALL REHEARSAL, please read on:

General Info:

  • Our Fall Concert begins at 2pm at: St. Francis Xavier Middle School – 2626 N. Oneida Street in Appletonat the corner of Northland/OO & Oneida St.
  • Please park in the lot across Oneida Street to allow school parking for audience members
  • Concert dress is all black, to the floor.
  • Doors are open for musicians at 12pm.
  • Orchestra can store cases in the choral room. Band can store cases in the band room.
  • Program – list of names – check for omissions.
  • Timeline for Performers:
    • 12:20 – 12:30 Orchestra & Band warm up in the auditorium. Band on stage, Orchestra on floor stage.
    • 12:30 – 1:00 Combined Orchestra and Band rehearsal. Run “I Vow to Thee, My Country” and practice standing for “In Honor”.
    • 1:00 – 1:20 Band practice on stage.
    • 1:20 – 1:40 Orchestra practice on floor stage
    • 1:40 Orchestra breaks. Band moves to audience reserved seating in the back of the auditorium. Orchestra returns to the stage at 1:55.
    • 2:00 Concert begins with the Orchestra. (Curtain Closed)
    • ◦Before the last Orchestra selection, Band members quietly exit auditorium, gather instruments, and assemble in the band room.
    • Orchestra exits stage while Band gets seated. Orchestra then moves to reserved seating in back of the auditorium. *Orchestra stands and music, cellos and string basses can remain in place*. ◦Curtain opens, Band plays. After the last Band piece, Orchestra moves back to floor stage and we join in playing “I Vow”.
    • Orchestra remains in place while we thank the audience and the Band plays In Honor. *All performers and audience members are invited to stand and represent themselves or immediate family when each military piece is played. All are invited to stand at the drumroll prefacing the National Anthem.
    • 3:15 Concert Ends (approximately)

After the Show:

  • Turn in your music:
    • Keep: Shake It Off and September
    • Turn in: Military Esc, Military Esc – 5 Ways, Last Full Measure, In the Mood, Great Loco Chase, Tears, British, I Vow, In Honor
  • Help return music wing to its regular school setup. Instructions will be posted on whiteboards.
  • Take down Band and Orchestra stands and chairs.
  • Take down the hallway displays.
    We are so grateful for everyone that is able to help out behind-the-scenes with concert setup and take-down!

Concert Order (Dress Rehearsal Order on 11/7 is the reverse):

  • Last Full Measure 6”
  • In the Mood 4”
  • The Great Locomotive Chase 6”
  • Tears of the Arizona 2”
  • The British Are Coming 4”
  • {With NHOrchestra} — I Vow to Thee, My Country 3” (Combined Piece)
  • In Honor 6”

Pre-Concert Day:

Post-Concert Day: