Hello Everyone!
Tomorrow, we have yet another opportunity to make wonderful music together! My hoped-for plan for rehearsal this week can be found below. But I have a few “Pleases” before I sign off:

  • Please let me know if you would like to be removed from this mailing list. I deleted a request last week by mistake so please resend your request if it was you! Thanks 😊
  • Please take time to thank Brenda Timm when you see her for putting our posters and programs together – They look fantastic! 😎
  • Please set a reminder that our Week 10 Rehearsal is on a Monday! (May 15th) ⏰
  • Please keep your eyes open for information about our performance scheduled for May 20th!
  • Please remember that you all are wonderful musicians, and I am proud to wave my arms in front of you each week! 🎵

Warm Regards,
~ Jenny Leist


  • Warm-Ups: Scales and chorales
  • Run Sleepy, practice transitions as needed.
  • Run Count Not the Hours, practice changes in tempi.
  • Run Monterey March

BREAK  (share a snack together)


  • Run Three Ayres
  • Run Skywalker
  • Rehearse Epic


  • Let’s finish with It’s All right

Listening Links: