Hello & Welcome New and Returning NHBFV Members!
These announcements are a repeat from January 9, since that rehearsal was cancelled due to the winter storm school closure. However, there IS one addition – which is this link to a handout of the Announcements provided at the Jan. 16 rehearsal:

Handout: First Night Welcome Information & Announcements

Important Info – Get in the Loop

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    • Winter Session: Jan 9 thru Feb 27 (8 weeks)
    • Spring Session: March 12 thru May 14 (10 weeks)
    • May 18 (concert) Tentative start time is 2pm. Concert is at Xavier Middle School.
    • Fall Session: Sept 10 thru Nov 12 (10 weeks)
    • Nov 16 (concert) Tentative start time is 2pm. Concert is at Xavier Middle School.
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    (Orange highlighted text takes you to the sheet music – not all charts will be available just yet.)

Jan. 16 Rehearsal Notes – What you can expect:

Full Group – 20 minutes

  • Find a spot to sit.
  • Go over some housekeeping.
  • 3 charts handed out:
    • Ode to a Flash Mob
    • Phantom of the Opera
    • Mancini
  • Warm-Up: Bb Scale on p. 24
  • Tune, Fun – Peter Gunn (if time)

Sectionals – 30 minutes

  • Ode (don’t worry about entrances today – everyone plays all), Phantom (try out mm. 1-11, 51-end)

BREAK – 10 minutes

Sectionals, continued – 30 minutes

  • Mancini – Pink Panther mm. 1-40, Peter Gunn (if time) mm. 107-end

Full Group – 25 minutes

  • Ode to a Flash Mob
  • Mancini – Peter Gunn (if time)
  • Housekeeping, Tear-Down procedures