Grateful for Great People… Great Music… and a Great Start…
Check out the reminders and rehearsal notes below and see you Tuesday!
~ Jenny Leist

Quick Reminders:


This Week’s Rehearsal Notes:

Full Group – 25 minutes

  • Warm-Ups – Eb Concert Scale, TBD
  • Rehearse Phantom
  • Review American River Songs 6/8 section
  • Sightread American River Songs, mm. 108 to End

Sectionals – 55 minutes

  • American River Songs (WW/BR – also work through mm. 72-108)
  • Ode to Joy or Joy as Needed
  • Director Pick

[BREAK – 10 minutes]

Full Group – 40 minutes

  • Try Ode to Joy with some staggered entrances
  • Rehearse Joy (tpts need st. mutes)

Some programs notes from Mr. Ticheli:

Above all, Joy is an expression of its namesake: simple, unabashed joy. A boisterous, uninhibited quality is implied in the music, not only at climactic moments, but also by the frequent presence of sudden and dramatic stylistic contrasts.
The main melody and overall mood of the work (and its companion piece, Joy Revisited) were inspired by a signal event: the birth of our first child. The intense feelings that most any father would feel on such a day were, in my case, accompanied by a simple little tune which grabbed hold of me in the hours preceding her birth, and refused to let go throughout the day and many days thereafter. Indeed, until I jotted it down in my sketchbook, it did not release its grip.
Seven years and two children later, I stumbled upon that old sketch and discovered (or rediscovered) that it would serve perfectly as the foundation for a joy-filled concert band overture.
– Program Note by composer