Hello, Everyone!
I heard the picnic was a success! I checked in with Doug on my way back from an HUGE Cross Country meet where 61 high schools were represented… It was packed! The only thing missing …a live concert band!

For this week, I plan to change the schedule. We will do a full rehearsal for the first half and then sectionals for the remainder of the time. See below for rehearsal details.

Also, we are growing and have to work out some housekeeping/logistics!
I hope to make these adjustments this Tuesday:

1) Try out a new seat: (Left to Right while facing the band from podium.)
Row 5 – Percussion
Row 4 – Percussion
Row 3 – 4 TSax, 3 Bar/Euph, 2 Tuba, All TBones
Row 2 – 4 ASax, 4 tpt, [aisle], 5 tpt, 2 FHorn
Row 1 – 3 ASax, 3 CL, 1 BClar, [aisle], 7 Flute
Floor – 2 Oboe, 4 CL, [aisle], 7 Flute

2) Try keeping cases and bags beneath your seat: (Helps to avoid tripping/falling.)
TSax, TBone, FHorn: I think there is room for your case behind your seats or against the wall on your risers. If not, let’s work on a solution after rehearsal next week. Maybe there is a table in a room somewhere nearby.
Tubas, Bar/Euph, Bass Clar: Cases can get lined up next to storage cubbies to the right of the podium.

3) Try parking according to ability (or weight of instrument):
Some may use the parking lot across the street. Others may wish to park on the north side of the building. This will leave closest spots open for individuals with mobility concerns.

4) Try playing along with or listening to recordings: NHBFV Listening Links
What am I saying?? This isn’t new😉

As always, keep up the great work!  You are more talented than you know.
See you Tuesday,


Rehearsal Notes – Tuesday, September 26:

(Full Group: 55-60 minutes)

  • Warm-Up (3”) – Tuning and I Vow to Thee
  • September (3”) – Run it
  • In the Mood (10”) – Rehearse swing, dyn. changes
  • Military Escort in 5 Ways (10”) – Fox Trot (more variations.if time)
  • In Honor (6”) – ALL
  • The Great Locomotive Chase (10”) – tempi, emphasize dyn.
  • Last Full Measure (5”) – Run it
  • The British Are Coming! (10”) – transitions, dyn.

[BREAK: 5-10 minutes]

(Sectionals: 50 minutes)

  • Run Tears of the Arizona
  • Work on In Honor
  • Instructor’s Choice

Next week:

A new chart will be handed out. I don’t have the music yet. Here is a link to a score preview and recording: Le Rejouissance

Musical Events & People We Know Performing!

  • HASBand Concerts
    (last Thursday of the month)  9/28, 10/26, 11/30, 12/28
    *Jenny Leist (director) is a member of HASBand
  • Civic Symphony of Green Bay Concert: Choral Chills & Symphonic Scares: Music from Movies
    *Brian Brooks (percussionist) is a member of the Dudley Birder Chorale