Good Morning, NHB!

Thanks for a great rehearsal! I love hearing our progress from week to week:)
A few notes:

I find Holst and his works fascinating! Check out the links:

Our Schedule for Tuesday is below.
See you Tuesday… Thanks for doing what you can to make it to rehearsal! For those who can’t come, take pictures of the costumes or your travels!
Jenny Leist
aka Thing (Fantastic 4)

Sectionals to Start at 6:30pm (and go until 7:25pm – Finish with Last full Measure so Percussion is set up)

Break 5 minutes

Large Group Rehearsal: Run-through ALL
(If you need to be late to rehearsal due to the holiday, perhaps you can make it to the second half.)

Concert and Rehearsal order:

  • Last Full Measure 6” (I may run this one twice.)
  • In the Mood 4” (listen to the tubas!)
  • The Great Locomotive Chase 6” (practice intro, work on dramatic dynamic changes)
  • Tears of the Arizona 2”
  • The British Are Coming 4”
  • I Vow to Thee 3” (Combined)
  • In Honor 6” (a bit quicker this time, stay the same tempo at the 6/8, practice standing while playing)
  • (We won’t be performing Military Escort in 5 Ways)