Great job on “Jersey Boys” last week – definitely some challenges, but also early success:)
“Java” is definitely going to put smiles on people’s faces. Thanks to all of you, and in particular, Mike, for getting on the podium for that piece 🙂

6:30 Warm up in Band Room:
“Superior Bands” book p. 24 & 26 Scale Warm-ups (Concert Bb and F) / p. 33 & 35 Scales in Thirds (Concert Bb and F) / p. 46 and 48 Arpeggios (Concert Bb and F)

6:40 Sectional time:
“Jersey Boys” – We’ll work on m. 78 to 108 in greater detail, and let’s also review m. 139 (2nd ending) to the end of the piece, figuring things out like dissonant harmonies, C flats and G flats, etc. Note accuracy plus dynamic changes (“growing” into crescendos – give yourself ‘room to grow.’

“In Infamy” – review middle portion m. 31-68, with attention to accidental notes, which does make harmonies ‘hard to listen to’, Also, lots of dynamic contrasts occur, despite being kind of ‘bombastic.’ The old saying, “less is more.”

7:30 Full Rehearsal:
We begin rehearsal sooner now.

“In Infamy”
“Jersey Boys” – we’ll start with m. 78-108, and then work on transitions from ‘song to song’.
“Renaissance Festival and Dances”

Saturday, November 13, 2:00 pm concert. Concert attire – all black.