We begin our final new piece – “Jersey Boys.” Hopefully it will be fun to listen to by our audience (trip down ‘memory lane’, etc.), and fun to play, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy. (Aren’t challenges fun ? 🙂 There is also a link to a sample recording on the announcements page of the website. (https://newhorizonsbandfoxvalley.com/announcements)

6:30 Warm up in Band Room:
“Superior Bands” book p. 24 & 26 Scale Warm-ups (Concert Bb and F) / p. 33 & 35 Scales in Thirds (Concert Bb and F) / p. 46 and 48 Arpeggios (Concert Bb and F)

6:40 Sectional time:
“Jersey Boys” – Let’s tackle pretty much all of this in sectional time from m. 1-77, and then m. 108 to end. (We’ll work on m. 78 to 108 with everyone in full rehearsal.)

“Java” – as time permits / since we’re the only performing group in our November 13 concert, I’ve decided to “load up” a little to have a reasonably full concert

7:45 Full Rehearsal:
“Jersey Boys” – we’ll start with m. 78-108 for ‘whole group’ learning instead of doing this part in sectionals this week, and then we’ll rehearse all the sectional work from tonight.
IF TIME REVIEW – “Renaissance Festival and Dances”

Saturday, November 13, 2:00 pm concert.