Ah, November finally here. Final preparation for our 2:00 pm, Saturday, November 13 performance. I realize that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for our concert, but enthusiasm, for me, is just another form of nervous energy, but a very positive nervousness. Hang in there everyone – all your efforts are making for a great sound!

“Song of the Hebrides” is very beautiful and artistic. “Renaissance Festival & Dances” is also sounding great – performance ready. This week we’ll bring our other pieces through the final stages of concert readiness.

And remember this – there is still a November 9 rehearsal to add to our concert readiness. Enthusiasm and confidence are certainly appropriate attitudes in relation to your efforts and preparation so far. They are also more enjoyable than the typical nervous attitudes that sometimes overwhelm us – ENJOY!

6:30 Warm up in Band Room:
“Superior Bands” book p. 24, 25, & 26 Scale Warm-ups (Concert Bb, Eb, and F) Very short warm up to give a little more sectional time.

6:35 Sectional time:
“Jersey Boys”
Definitely our toughest piece – Final ‘cleanup’ of a few sections of changed notes and/or tricky rhythms / m. 1-9 / m. 26-31 / m. 50-55 (just woodwinds) / m. 92-108 / m. 139-146

m. 29-39 / m. 50-61

Just a quick check – make requests of your section leader if needed – watch articulations so they agree with everyone else

7:20 Full Rehearsal:
Again, we begin rehearsal a little sooner now.

“Jersey Boys”
“March to the Scaffold”
“In Infamy”

Saturday, November 13, 2:00 pm concert.