I hope you don’t feel like I’m ignoring you by waiting until today with some final encouragements/info/etc. 3 days in a row of 3rd shift, plus some final Autumn “cleanup”, and normal things outside of band, just like you have you have every day normal activities outside of band, well life is busy, isn’t it? I respect that about all of you and am also very thankful for your friendship and shared love of playing music. I hope tomorrow provides you with a great feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment. I have complete confidence in your playing tomorrow, and hope you enjoy it (as much as having a normal nervousness allows 🙂

Final items:

1. Attire – all black from shirt/blouse down to your shoes.

2. ARRIVE – recommend no later than 1:15 in the BAND ROOM for instruments assembled, music collected, some warm-up notes, etc., before heading out on stage. ENTER THE BUILDING ON THE EAST SIDE THROUGH THE COMMONS ENTRANCE LIKE WE USED TO – THIS IS ALSO THE AUDIENCE ENTRANCE TO THE BUILDING.

3. Let’s be in our seats on stage, warmed up and ready to give “In Infamy” a run through with our American Flag ‘reveal’ descending from above the stage.

4. Speaking of which, I haven’t gotten a flag revealer/stage rope operator/volunteer, but I’m still working on it. If you have a friend/family/neighbor who is coming to the concert with you, I could train that person in 5-10 minutes between 1:15 and 1:30. This volunteer won’t have to be backstage the whole concert – he/she would just need to need to head through a door on the right side of the auditorium to get to the pulling apparatus backstage. During “In Infamy” this volunteer could just be watching from the side, and I can give a “cue” to confirm that it’s the right time. Let me know if this would work for anyone you know.

5. After the concert, helping put chairs, stands, and percussion equipment will again be helpful, just as it was last Tuesday night.

6. Also, after clearing the stage, before you leave the band room, remember to return out seven pieces of music. I’ll have 7 stacks for you to sort your music onto. Thanks in advance for this 🙂

7. Happy Friday! Even happier Saturday!