Hope you didn’t have any “withdrawal” pains from last Thursday. (Kind of cruel, I know, to reunite on May 6, and then having to skip the very next week! Hopefully won’t be repeated.) We should have our next two months of Thursday evening music making uninterrupted.

I also hope you’re enjoying learning the new music. Yes, I know, trying ‘pop’ music has some challenges, but I hope challenge is actually a fun thing! If we all just channel our inner “Motown” sound, playing ‘Superstition’ can be fun. So, we’ll definitely do a review of it in full band session this week. Here’s a basic rundown of what we’ll try to accomplish this week:

6:00 Sectional time
“Two Movements from ‘Lincolnshire Posy’” – This will take up most of our time. Mvt. 1 (Horkstow Grange) is a slow chorale-like folk song, but it has time signature changes, and requires strict attention to rhythm differences between groups. Harmonies are mostly traditional, but occasionally ‘stretches’ our tonal ‘anticipation.’ Mvt. 2 (The Lost Lady Found) is a dance song in 3/4 time but is not really a waltz. Lots to discover!
If time permits before the 40-minute sectional is done, maybe a quick review of the middle (m. 33-52) of “Superstition” to get ready for full rehearsal.

6:40 Break

6:45 Full rehearsal
“Superstition” – we’ll spend a little time on the end (m. 61-76) to understand what musical effect is happening, because the lyric is done by then. We’ll also run the whole piece.
“Two Movements from ‘Lincolnshire Posy’” – we’ll take the two folksongs in order, but in case we don’t get everything put together in Mvt. 1, I do want to make sure we get to Mvt. 2 by 7:15 for sure, so that we have a rousing ending to our rehearsal, and happy tune for you to hum as you drive home.

See you Thursday 🙂