It just never seems easy to know exactly what each Thursday will bring for our band rehearsals!

Let’s hope that scattered rain storms will be scattered away from us while we’re at Pierce Park.


IF we can do separate sectionals without rain interference, we will do WOODWINDS with me on the one end as we’ve done, and BRASS on the other end as we’ve done. Most of our work will be on the new march we handed out last week – “Cornerstone of Liberty.” Even though we can’t find a recording/sample to help us learn it, I think it will actually be kind of fun to “discover” as we go, the old fashioned way – sight-reading. (Perhaps you’re all set to go by practicing your part by yourself, but we’ll still be learning how everyone fits in.

IF rain keeps us under the roof altogether, the WOODWIND and BRASS will do sectional altogether. PERCUSSION will meet with Mike on stage per usual.

There will be another new piece to hand out to you tonight!

6:40 BREAK


We’ll review “The Great Escape”, then “Cornerstone of Libery,” and then as time permits, we’ll work on “Lincolnshire Posy”, especially the beginning (‘Horkstow Grange’).

Hopefully a dry night for us at rehearsal tonight 🙂