Let me begin with my compliments on our January 18 rehearsal last week. As I said, I’m kind of “stretching” you a little with a few challenges in the music. Don’t worry about getting every note perfectly now in our early rehearsals. Just try to improve each week – developing accuracy little by little, and if needed, increasing tempo, little by little. You already sound great – just think of how we’ll sound in 4-5 weeks. Of course, I’ll be adding more music in the weeks to come, so, yes, there’s always more to do. Trust me, you’ll be glad I’m throwing a lot of music at you 😉

Speaking of new music:

January 25 Rehearsal
Band Warm-up 6:30-6:35
Superior Bands p. 24 (Bb Major/G Minor) / p. 25 (Eb Major/C Minor) / p. 28 (Db Major) / p. 60 (Chromatic Scales – Bb and Eb)

Sectionals 6:40-7:30 (ending 5 minutes earlier than last week)

“The King of Rock N’ Roll” – for all of you Elvis fans / this will be handed out this week / we’ll do the first song of the medley (‘Jailhouse Rock’) / Even though you don’t have the music to ’see’ yet, if you listen to the sample link below, notice that the eighth notes have a ’swing’ to them (technically for rhythm & blues we would call it shuffling / you’ve been doing it your whole life if you’ve been listening to R&B) / we’ll cover m. 1-42

“Aladdin” QUICK REVIEW (m. 46-86 – ‘Friend Like Me’ / very jazzy – ‘swing’ the eighth notes / many syncopated patterns) / NEW MATERIAL – m. 86-120 (‘Prince Ali’) / the eighth notes go back to regular “straight” rhythms instead of swing / still sounds kind of jazzy due to the syncopated rhythms (the long part of the syncopation is notated with tied eighth notes / will still be directed in CUT TIME / again, kind of tricky/challenging / it’s OK to review the song with the music sample links (whatever helps and enhances your practice/learning)

Full Rehearsal 7:40-8:30 (starting 5 minutes earlier than last week)
“The King of Rock N’ Roll”
“Highlander Regiment” (quick review – I didn’t get to hear you on this yet)
“Deir in De” – m. 45-end

Here are a few listening links to help you with practicing/learning:

Aladdin (arr. Paul Jennings) X

The King of Rock N’ Roll (arr. Johnnie Vinson) X

Highlander Regiment (arr. James Ployhard)

Deir’ In De (Warren Barker)