It was a pleasure to actually spend time with you last Tuesday instead of “lurking in lonely corners of the building” like I did the first week. Your music sounds just great! It is a privilege to stand on the podium for NHB.

Band Warm-up 6:30-6:35
Superior Bands p. 24 (Bb Major/G Minor) / p. 25 (Eb Major/C Minor) / p. 28 (Db Major) / p. 60 (Chromatic Scales – Bb and Eb)

Sectionals 6:40-7:35
“Oklahoma” (Sections D and E – ‘People Will Say We’re in Love’ / We need more music written like this 🙂
“Aladdin” (m. 46-86 – ‘Friend Like Me’ / very jazzy – ‘swing’ the eighth notes / many syncopated patterns – eighth-quarter-eighth patterns and also quarter-half-quarter patterns – read in fast 4 if you like but it will be directed in cut time 🙂
“Deir In De” – review of m. 45 to end, as time permits

Full Rehearsal 7:45-8:30
“Deir in De”

Here are a few listening links to help you with practicing/learning:

Aladdin (arr. Paul Jennings) X

Oklahoma (arr. Paul Yoder)

Deir’ In De (Warren Barker)