For those bandmates who were not at this week’s rehearsal, I know Bob’s email announcing his intended resignation is a surprise to everyone and that we will all have a variety of emotions to process. Nobody to likes change, and I always say, the only person who likes change is a baby with a wet diaper, and even they are usually screaming about it. While change is not always easy, it can also be an opportunity.

I just want everyone to know the band has conducted searches for a new band director in the past. We have all the prior tools, materials and plan to complete a successful search. We are now in the process of forming a search committee – and looking to a have a committee that is a good, representative, cross-section of folks from the band. The ideal search committee will consist of: both newer and long-time band musicians; male and female band members; a mix of brass, percussion and woodwind musicians; Band Ex Comm and NHMFV Board members from the band; and at least 2 of our three instructors, who all work with our band director. If you are interested in being on the search committee, please let me know as soon as possible – no later than the end of the week, Friday.

ALSO PLEASE MARK ON YOUR CALENDARS – Tuesday, May 17th – We will need to hold finalist candidate, guest conducting with the full band for before the band disperses for the summer. So, please plan on coming to band on the Tuesday immediately following our May 14 spring concert. Again, this would be Tuesday, May 17 at our usual 6:30pm start time. It will be vitally important for us all to be part of the guest conducting sessions and then be able to survey band musicians that same night to receive everyone’s input.

As the committee proceeds with its work, we will keep the band, Ex Comm and NHMFV Board update to date. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
See you at band!! – Doug

NHMFV Board President
NHBFV Executive Committee, past Chair
NHBFV trumpet player