Hello Everybody,
Last rehearsal had some really great moments! One of my favorites was when YOU asked me to try Rondo faster. I was so happy that everyone was willing to take that risk – especially when it turned out so well!  Below is a rough sketch of what to expect next week.
Thanks for your efforts and for sharing your Tuesdays with me,
— Jenny Leist

Week 6 Procedures (October 11):

  • Welcome
  • Warm-Up In Seats
  • Run MttS
  • Listen to KoP

Sectional Work

  • KoP transitions, I’ll Be There – notes and balance
  • MttS intro, soft and distant, moving together
  • NHM tempo and find energy in articulations
  • Rondo (if time)


  • Run Rondo
  • Rehearse KoP
  • Listen and Rehearse NHM
  • Golden Eagle or Northpointe

Week 6 Goals:

  • 4 rehearsals left
  • getting extra help

Listening Links: