Hello All!
Welcome to the Spring Session of New Horizons Band Fox Valley!
For this week, our favorite woodwind specialist An will be out. I believe Michael is back from his travels, and Ron will be there, too. I will cover woodwind sectionals. Additional info on Three Ayres can be found here:  https://www.windrep.org/Three_Ayres_from_Gloucester

For this week, I plan to revisit Three Ayres before the sectional break. I would also like to work on the timpani transition added to Force and Skywalker.

For sectionals, we can look at Three Ayres, Epic Gaming Themes, and your choice!

When we come back together as a large group, let’s try:

  • Monterey March
  • Night Train
  • It’s All Right
  • Sleepy (if time)

Thanks, Everyone! See you soon!
— Jenny Leist

Ps. Sorry about the snow… I must confess I ordered extra ❄️ because I wanted our foreign exchange student to experience a real winter. 😉

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