Hello Everyone!
I think we are off to a great start and are already sounding great!  Thank you to:

  • All of our newly registered members – we are so happy to have you!
  • Our continuing members for returning and for being so welcoming to our newest members…
    And, to the NHBFV ExComm and our instructors, An, Michael, and Ron, for all of their help!
  • I also appreciate everyone for being so flexible with our scheduling hiccup!
    Continue reading for details about our 6pm-8pm rehearsal this Tuesday 🙂

See you, Tuesday!
— Jenny Leist



> REHEARSAL: 6-7pm  (Instructors present)

  • Welcome
  • Try Scale Sheet
  • Listen/Rehearse Count Not the Hours
  • Rehearse Sleepy mm. 1-36, 36-55
  • Pass out music :
    • Three Ayres from Gloucester (assign PERC)
    • Missing Music (See Below)
  • Sight-Read Star Wars (both)
  • Run It’s All Right

> SECTIONAL WORK: 7-8pm  (Independent sectionals – Ron, Mike, An, and Jenny will be at Appleton City Band. Doug will be available for questions. Thanks, Doug!)

  • Preview Three Ayres, Night Train, or Monterey 
  • Work on Count & Sleepy
  • Talk about preferred Star Wars version


  1. All music handed out if possible (10 charts!)
    • Sleepy Hollow
    • Star Wars Force
    • Star Wars Rise
    • It’s All Right
    • Night Train
    • Count Not the Hours
    • Three Ayres
    • Monterey March
    • Great Locomotive Chase
    • Epic Gaming Themes
  2. People know where to find recordings: Click Link or Scan QR Code below
  3. Assess song selections – choose Star Wars version
  4. Clean-Up Procedures: