Greetings, Everyone!
Last week, after rehearsal, I found myself thinking how wonderful it was to be a part of this group. Both during rehearsal and after, I noticed people helping each other with playing their instruments, offering to take on a new instrument to enrich our sound, and checking on to one another to see if they needed extra help outside of rehearsal. I noticed people taking time out of their day to express sympathy for a band member, showing concern for the health of another, and sharing their gratitude with me – not just for breaking down tougher musical concepts and waving a stick 😁 – but for all of the kind things they noticed each person doing as well. I even received an email from someone OUTSIDE of New Horizons saying what a wonderful group we were! This message pointed out how we care for the rehearsal space and the equipment. (Percussionist Brian B. took it upon himself to kindly recover Xavier’s drum mallets!)
Let’s keep doing great things…
See you Tuesday, Everyone!
~ Jenny Leist

Ps. Trying a group email message this week! Hopefully, you all receive it! 😊
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Quick Reminders:


This Week’s Rehearsal Notes:

Full Group – 20 minutes

  • Warm-Up:
      • p.23 #6 with Bb Scale
      • p.32 #9 with Bb Thirds, Tune
      • Counting
  • Blinding Lights
  • Joy (tpts need st. mutes)

Sectionals – 50 minutes

  • Joy (articulations, dynamics, thirds)
  • Pink Panther (style, expression)
  • Look forward to Baby Elephant Cakewalk
  • Blinding Lights (rhythms)(art.)(if time)

[BREAK – 10 minutes]

Full Group – 40 minutes

  • 6/8 Practice p. 85, mm. 66-end
  • American River Songs
      • (6/8 section)(tpts need st. mutes)
      • Try Mancini
  • “Baby Elephant Cakewalk” section
      • Review Pink Panther (Triplets)