Hello, Everyone!
Thank you for braving the weather and ice-covered streets for our “first” rehearsal. It felt good to get some playing in and to see how the group’s size has grown! I anticipate a few more folks joining us next week so we may need to consider adding an additional row of seating. Thanks for your flexibility and patience as we get situated! Please read on for ways you can help and stay informed:

Staying in the loop:

How you can help:

  • Please review the 23-24 NHBFV Roster and reply right away if your name is missing or needs attention. This is how it will appear in the concert program.
  • Check for anything your folder might be missing:
    Here are the pieces that were added Jan. 16:

      • Phantom of the Opera
      • Ode to a Flash Mob
      • The Very Best of Mancini
      • Blinding Lights
      • Rhapsody in Blue
      • Superior Bands Warm-Up Book

Here are the pieces you should get Jan. 23:

      • American River Songs
      • Joy

We will add two additional pieces later on:

Interesting Note:
Here is the inspiration behind “Ode to a Flash Mob” – definitely worth the watch…
AMAZING – Flash Mob – Started by one little girl – Ode to Joy

Also, please review the rehearsal notes below for January 23!
Take Care, Everyone!
~ Jenny Leist

Jan. 23 Rehearsal Notes –

Full Group – 20 minutes

3 charts handed out:

  • Rhapsody in Blue (if still needed)
  • American River Songs
  • Joy


  • Chromatic Scale on p. 60, Bb Scale on p. 24, F Scale on p. 25 (Key Signatures)
  • Tune, Try Mancini “Pink Panther” 1-40, Review Peter Gunn (Triplets)

Sectionals – 50 minutes

  • Pink Panther
  • look forward to Baby Elephant (grace-notes)
  • Phantom (notes and key change)
  • Ode mm.34-43

[BREAK – 10 minutes]

Full Group – 40 minutes

  • Ode to a Flash Mob
  • Phantom (if time)
  • Blinding Lights (Sight-read in 4/4)