We are just over the halfway point for our winter session, and I am enjoying every minute with you all!  Thanks for the opportunity to work with you and giving me something so fun to look forward to each Tuesday. I sincerely hope you look forward to our rehearsals, too. Please remember, I love hearing from you, and if something pops up that you want to share, you can always send me a message – even if it is something you might not think I want to hear! 😂 Thanks, also, to everyone who stopped out to hear the HASBand on Thursday!
— Jenny

Week 5 Procedures:

  • Welcome/Celebrations
  • Warm-Ups (Bb, Eb)
  • Run Force
  • Try Sleepy mm. 122-end

Sectional Work: (45 minutes)

  • Any spots in Sleepy
  • Skywalker or Force
  • Epic Gaming Themes- (¾ section)


  • Bb Blues
  • Run Night Train
  • Read and Run Sleepy ALL
  • Run Count Not the Hours (¾)
  • Sight Read Monterey March
  • Try Epic mm. 38-81(¾)
  • Close with It’s All Right if time

Week 5 Goals:

  • Improvise/Bb Blues
  • (Skipped Locomotive, Three Ayres) 

Tip: How to sight-read:

  • S> Sharps or Flats
    (Key Signatures)
  • T> Time and Tempo
    (Time Signatures, Tempo Changes)
  • A> Accidentals # ♭ ♮
    (The accidental carries over)
  • R> Rhythms and Rests
    (I sometimes add “roadmap” here)
  • S> Signs and Symbols
    (Articulations, Dynamics, Expression)

Listening Links:

NHBFV Listening Links (docs.google.com)