Good Morning!
Remember that this week is the last week in the Winter Session and next week is a Bonus Week of rehearsal!
Here is the registration link for Spring:
See you tonight – Drive Safely!
Thanks, All!
— Jenny Leist

Week 8 Procedures:

Welcome & Concert Update

  • Warm-Up In Seats (fp)
  • Rehearse Force
  • Rehearse Skywalker

Sectional Work

  • Force and Skywalker
  • Epic
  • Preview anything from below:


  • Run Blues Scales and Night Train
  • Rehearse Sleepy

Mini Concert 🙂

  • Monterey March
  • Count Not the Hours
  • Sleepy
  • It’s All Right

Week 8 Goals:

  • Get picky
  • Bonus Rehearsal Next Week
  • Survey cards?

(Skipped Locomotive, Three Ayres)

Listening Links:

NHBFV Listening Links (