Below is an important message from Doug and our plan for next week!
(Remember that this week we will start right away with sectionals because I will have conferences.)

For Fun:

Thanks, All!
— Jenny Leist

Message from Doug:

Hello NHBFV Musicians,
Our winter session ends on Feb 28 and our spring session officially starts on Match 14.  PLEASE go online and register at https://newhorizonsbandfoxvalley.com/join-us/ 

Registering early helps Jenny and our sectional instructors know who’s coming in March and better prepare music ahead of time for everyone.

HOWEVER, please note, we WILL still have a rehearsal on March 7…. This rehearsal night will either be a make-up rehearsal (for a canceled rehearsal due to bad winter weather) or a bonus rehearsal, if there were no weather-driven cancellations to make-up.  Either way, band will have a rehearsal on March 7.

See you at band – Doug

Week 6 Procedures:

  • Sectional Work Right Away: (60 minutes)
  • Warm-Up Ideas (Bb, Bb chromatic, chorales, blues scales)
  • Instructor Picks:
    Force, Sleepy, Skywalker, Force,
    Epic, Night Train (work up tempo), It’s All Right, Count


  • Read and Run Sleepy ALL
  • Rehearse Monterey March
  • Rehearse Count Not the Hours
  • Try Epic mm. 38-81(¾)
  • Close with It’s All Right if time

Week 6 Goals: 

  • Improvise/Bb Blues ?
  • Getting Extra Help (How to)
  • (Skipped Locomotive, Three Ayres)

Listening Links:

NHBFV Listening Links (docs.google.com)