Hi!  I want to welcome everyone back to band for our winter 2023 session — and extend an especially warm welcome to our new-to-the-band musicians!

As a reminder, please wear your name tag and use a puppy pad on the floor for those instruments that drip or that need to drain fluid.  I recommend keeping your name tag and puppy pad in your instrument case (or band bag) so you always have them with you at band. If you need a puppy pad, we have them on the table at the front of the band room.  If you need a name tag, please sign up for one using our “I Need a Name Tag” request sheet.

Please review the following information/reminders – and I look forward to making music with you all on Tuesday!
— Doug Marsh, NHBFV Executive Committee Chair


We have SIX new musicians joining us – We are all excited to have you join the band!

  • Jeff, Trumpet
  • Megan, Undecided
  • Jeff, Alto Sax
  • Roger, Clarinet
  • Reba, Trombone
  • Keri, Flute


  • Our band director is Jenny Leist; woodwinds sectional instructor is An Gehrmann; brass sectional instructor is Ron Olson; and our percussion sectional instructor is Michael Ratsch.  Jenny is a Hortonville middle school band director and alto sax musician; An, Michael and Ron are all retired k-12 band directors and very experienced music teachers and musicians.
  • We typically start with a full band warm up in the band room and then break out to our sectional group lessons. Your fellow bandmates can show you where to go for woodwind and brass sectionals.  Percussion sectional is held in the band room.
  • After our sectional time, we will have a 10-minute break in the band room to socialize and have snacks.  Following our break, we will reconvene in the band room for full band rehearsal until 8:30pm.
  • Toilet rooms and drinking fountains are in the main hallway near the bottom of the stairs.


As a reminder to us all, our current COVID-related precautions (which can also apply to RSV and Flu) are as follows:

  • Flu and COVID vaccinations and booster shots are NOT required, but highly recommended and encouraged.
  • Social Distancing (is still highly recommended)
    Please maintain a minimum social distance of three feet wherever possible.
  • Face Coverings
    Face masks are not required at this time.  However, we respect each other’s different levels of comfort, so face mask wearing is always welcomed at band.
  • Slotted face masks (always optional): A face mask with a small slit for mouthpiece access and worn while playing is always welcomed.
  • Hand Hygiene
    • Good hand hygiene is always recommended and encouraged.
    • At each rehearsal break, we recommend thoroughly washing (or sanitizing) your hands.
    • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after using the toilet, before returning to our rehearsal space.
    • As much as is possible, do NOT touch your face.
  • “Puppy Pads” ARE required – and are provided. Instrument spit valves, horns and saxophone condensation valves should not be emptied directly onto the floor.  All wind instruments that need clearing (or that can drip) should be drained onto a puppy pad (or similar item) to catch the fluid contents of the instrument and then be discarded at home when necessary.  You can use your puppy pad from week to week.  So, please keep our puppy pad in your instrument case (or band bag) so you have it when you arrive at band.
  • Other Recommended Precautions
    • Percussion: We recommend percussionists minimize the sharing of drumsticks and mallets whenever possible and use hand sanitizer when moving from one percussion station to the next BEFORE handling additional sticks, mallets or equipment.
    • Bell covers are not required at this time.  However, a bell cover can be provided for those who wish to use one.


Snacks have been provided for tonight.  If you are willing to bring snacks for future rehearsal nights, please sign up to do so using our “snack sign-up” sheet.  To make bringing snacks less burdensome, I recommend two people team up to bring snacks for any given rehearsal night.  As a COVID-related precaution, snacks should be individually wrapped, single servings.


If you have any sheet music from this past fall session (or any past session), PLEASE turn it back in.  You can give any past sheet music to your sectional instructor.


If you have not yet paid for the winter session, please see our band registrar, Michele Leiden (horn player).  You can make your payment with a check, or by credit card or debit card via our “Square” point-of-sale electronic payment system.