Hello All,
Here are the concert instructions I sent out the other day (see link below). I switched out the rehearsal notes for a seating chart to help guide you in the right direction. (The chart is also in the link below – it may be more easy to read in the link!)


A few more notes:

  • An was able to get a “set-up” window approved on Friday from 1-3:30pm at Xavier. Thanks, An!
  • I know that the orchestra plans to set up at Xavier during this time, too. And, Michael mentioned 2pm as a possible set up time for percussion. I believe much of the Percussion will be out on stage already.
  • As you might already be aware, I have to teach during the day and will not be at the Friday set-up time. I apologize in advance!

I am looking forward to a great concert! Let’s have fun up there and make positive, lasting memories together. 🎶

See you Saturday!
Jenny Leist