Good evening band,

Finally – May! (If only the weather was more “May like”)
1. Thanks for all your diligent (exhausting) work last Tuesday. We really hammered out some of our most difficult music. The audience is going to love your music 🙂
2. Also, thanks for handing in “Spanish Flea” and “Komm, Süsser Tod”. They are sorted and ready file, which will make shorter work after the concert in filing the rest of our music. REMINDER – we’ll hand in our music right after the concert. I’ll set up a table in the band room to set in piles by title, EXCEPT for “Aladdin”, which you’ll play again on May 17 for the conductor auditions. “Aladdin” will be collected that night. ALSO, if any of you have the music titles below, but aren’t going to be in the concert, please make arrangements to hand in your music ASAP. Thank you!
3. Two rehearsals to go. In both rehearsals, we’ll run straight through the concert order. We’ll probably spend a little extra time on the last part of “Bond” (‘Live and Let Die’). After doing our ‘run through’, as time permits we’ll do a little review/repeat/remediate of any trouble sections.
4. Here’s our rehearsal/concert order, and we’ll run everything in both of our May 3 and May 10 rehearsals, so there is only rehearsal, and no sectional work:
May 14 Concert Order
  • Aladdin Howard Ashman & Alan Menken
    Arr. Paul Jennings
  • Highlander Regiment
    Arr. James D. Ployhar
  • Rhythm of the Winds
    Frank Erickson
  • Deir’ In De Traditional
    Arr. Warren Barker
  • Bond . . . James Bond
    Arr. Stephen Bulla
  • Oriental Holiday
    Mark McDunn & Billy Vaughn
  • Oklahoma
    Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein II, Arr. Paul Yoder
  • The King of Rock N’ Roll
    Arr. Johnnie Vinson
  • The Lord of the Dance
    Ronan Hardiman, Arr. Richard Saucedo
See you Tuesday at 6:30 🙂