Now that we’ve worked in “long form” rehearsal without sectional help, I’m very confident in what you have worked so hard on these past 11 weeks. Concert preparation should be a ‘slam dunk’ by May 14 🙂

We’ll still do some sectional work, though. and from now on we won’t have the same sectional material to work on between percussion, brass, and woodwinds, so please note if there are differences from now on. Also, sectional time will end at 7:20 so that full rehearsal starts at 7:30.

6:30 WARM-UP
Superior Bands p. 55 #1 and p 56 #3 (almost the same, but watch for the difference) / p. 65-67 Tuning Chorales #1, 2, and 3

6:40-7:20 SECTIONAL

Oklahoma – Section D & E
Aladdin – m. 1-46, m. 63-70, m. 121-end
The Lord of the Dance – m. 10-34

Spanish Flea
Deir In De – m. 22-63
Aladdin – m. 13-46

Per Mike’s instruction/review/etc.

Deir In De
Spanish Flea
The Lord of the Dance

See you Tuesday 🙂