Hello Everybody,
Can you believe it has already been a week since we rehearsed? Many things are going very well – I was especially impressed with the improvements in King of Pop. It tells me that some of you are practicing and that is just about all it takes to make a director happy. I read this message somewhere and thought I’d share:
Don’t give up until you feel proud.
I hope you can think of some things that are going well, too. 😊
Anyway, following is the plan for tonight.
I am looking forward to seeing you all!
— Jenny

Week 7 Procedures:

  • Welcome/Celebrations
  • Warm-Up – Seat Count
  • Rehearse GE

Sectional Work: (about 45 min.)

  • GE Balance, new dynamics at end
  • KoP Rev. ending & trouble spots
  • NP
  • PERC GE and NP


  • Run NP
  • Rehearse NHM
  • Rehearse MttS (if time)
  • Rehearse KoP I’ll Be There
  • Rehearse Rondo (Run PERC only)

Week 7 Goals:

  • Establish venue
  • 3 rehearsals left
  • Survey cards

Listening Links: