A huge thank you goes out to everyone for being so flexible last week! We were able to still get so much done:)  Check out the plan below for our rehearsal next week!
— Jenny

Week 3 Procedures:

  • Welcome/Celebrations
  • Warm-Ups
  • Run Mvt.. 3 of Three Ayres
  • Try Epic mm. 74-129 (6/8)
  • Add Sleepy mm. 55-91

Sectional Work: (40-45 minutes)

    • Sleepy
    • Any spots in Three Ayres
    • Epic Gaming Themes –  (6/8 Section, Preview Db Concert)
    • Star Wars – Force & Skywalker


  • Pass out The Great Locomotive Chase and Night Train
  • Rehearse Skywalker & Force
  • Sight-Read Night Train (if time)
  • Close with It’s All Right (if time)

Week 3 Goals:

  • Know/Publish concert dates:
    • May 20th – 17 rehearsals left
      (Please let me know if you cannot attend a concert as soon as you know.)
  • Concert etiquette, dress(all black), arrival times TBD
  • All music in hand 🙂

Listening Links:

NHBFV Listening Links (docs.google.com)