Hi Everyone!
This coming Saturday, our school has it’s Solo and Ensemble (S&E) Festival at New London High School. I have put a TON of communication together for students and families, created schedules and checklists, numbered hundreds of measures, met with accompanists… the list goes on! But, the thing I end every letter, every email, every meeting with always gravitates back toward one overarching concept – Have Fun! Last week, you reminded me of this very idea, and wanted to take a second to let you know how much fun I am having making music with you ALL! (The only, difference is you are doing all of the work! 😉)
At our rehearsal, I was especially impressed with how “Count Not the Hours” was sounding. I felt like we were really listening to each other, playing with balance, and playing with heart! Keep up the great work! I also loved sharing some of the details about the pieces. If you are ever curious about the composers’ notes, please feel free to check out the Score PDFs linked HERE.
Speaking of Curiosity: Here is just one of many versions available thanks to YouTube: Señor Don Gato
Have fun!
Your Director,
— Jenny Leist

PS – If any of you have ever participated in Solo and Ensemble Festivals, I would love to hear about it!

Week 7 Procedures:

  • Welcome/Celebrations
  • Warm-Up – Bb Eb Ab
  • Rehearse It’s All Right, if time
  • Try Epic, mm. 38-81(¾)

Sectional Work: (about 45 min.)

  • Anything from Epic
  • Sleepy
  • Monterey March
  • Count Not the Hours


  • Run Blues Scales and Night Train
  • Rehearse Force
  • Rehearse Skywalker
  • Rehearse Sleepy (possibly try to also run PERC only, if time)

Week 7 Goals:

  • Contact Rachel Richards
  • 1 more rehearsal left in this session

(Skipped Locomotive, Three Ayres)

Listening Links:

NHBFV Listening Links (docs.google.com)