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For January 16, 2018

Welcome back, everyone! What a great night to welcome Pam, Sujin, and Sandy to NHBFV! Already in our first rehearsal you sounded great.

Lots of variety of musical styles and challenge for 2018. I know that popular music makes for a ‘hit’ concert, but we were pretty ‘top heavy’ on popular music last fall for a reason - a special appeal to increase our audience and band members. We can still, however, play lots of other styles and still be quite appealing.

One general tip to wind players: in the “Warm-ups That Work” book, on page 16 are some chromatic scales. If chromatic scales are part of your regular practice routine, there are many music passages that are more accessible because of a regular familiarity with chromaticism. They are actually very memorizable over time.

Now, for this week, Tuesday, January 16, 2018:

6:30 Sectional Work

Percussion – usual preparation/assigning/instructing per Mike

WW and Brass - Warm-ups That Work - Scales, Thirds & Patterns (Concert Bb and F) - p. 5 / Chromatic Scales - p. 16

Mussorgsky! - m. 12-23 treble and mid voices - attention to rhythms that are different from each other - the 1/8 rests are for breathing purposes - the overall effect is non stop 1/8 notes / m. 28-43 accurate counting in cut time / m. 44-47 WW chromaticism

Mozart: Symphony No. 29, First Movement - new piece! / 4/4 counting (your welcome :) / key of F Major, so concert pitch E natural, and sometime B natural, but also accidental Eb / main emphasis tonight - m. 1-32, learning of notes/rhythms, but also try to do articulations right away / slowly to begin with

Velocity – new piece! / alternating 3/4 and 2/4 measures (it’s easier than you think - trust me :) / feeling beat one more strongly than other beats is very helpful / let’s work on m. 1-40 / one insight on m. 33-40 for clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, and horn - measures with 6 1/8 notes group better in 3’s, not pairs

7:30 BREAK - Treats

7:40 Rehearsal -

Mozart: Symphony No. 29, First Movement- m. 1-32 (more?)

Velocity - m. 1-40 (more ?)

Mussorgsky! – m. 1-47 (more ?)

Ancient Echoes - 2nd time reading through - general familiarity

P.S - Anyone signed up for treats?

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For October 31, 2017

Good morning, NHB!
There is such a good sound coming from this band, I can just see the audience’s smiles and enjoyment. Whether patriotic, popular show tunes, or just the fun “Colonel Bogey” and “Mambo Cubana”, I don’t think there’s a hint of a clunker in our program.

Now, to this week’s rehearsal - we actually are going to try a small addition to the program. Don’t panic!! :) It’s only about 30 measures, and it’s pretty familiar to all of us (I’m assuming). We have an arrangement of “The U.S. Air Force Song” to add to the beginning of “Armed Forces Salute.” That will be the primary focus of sectional work. .

  • “The U.S. Air Force Song” - There will be a 2 measure drum introduction, followed by measures 8-9 of the arrangement to introduce the main melody. The main melody is measures 10 to 41, where we end on the downbeat (1st beat) of the measure. “In time” with the end of “The U.S. Air Force Song,” we go right into “Armed Forces Salute.” It should work seamlessly, thanks to the creativity of our instructors.
  • “Chariots of Fire” - review entire piece to build confidence in sections where our instrumentation is a little small. Remember, there will also be sections of the orchestra that will add to all 5 parts. Just play confidently, even if you “feel alone.”
Rehearsal (and also program order for Sunday, November 5, 2:00 pm):
  • Colonel Bogey
  • The U.S. Air Force Song/Armed Forces Salute
  • God Bless America
  • The Best of Henry Mancini
  • With Malice Toward None
  • This Is My Country
  • Hymn to the Fallen
  • Chariots of Fire
  • Indiana Jones: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  • Mambo Cubana
I’m pretty sure this is the concert order for November 5, but I haven’t “written it in stone” yet. Looking forward to hearing you on Tuesday! See you then :)

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For October 24, 2017

Good morning, NHB!
We’re now in our final 4 weeks leading up to our November 17 concert at FVL. But given that we have 2 weeks before our November 5 Appleton Public Library concert (two weeks from today), this coming Tuesday we should probably do more complete run-throughs of all 10 of our pieces. However, we’ll still do sectionals, but for a shorter time.

  • “God Bless America” from the Patriotic Favorites - mostly a review of the dotted rhythms that we substituted for what’s written, so we’re all still on the same page.
  • “With Malice Toward None” - a fairly thorough check on note and rhythm accuracy on m. 1-84 (By the way, I hope you’re as proud and pleased with the finale of the piece as I am. You sound terrific.)
  • “The Best of Henry Mancini” - a review of m. 1-70
  • “The Best of Henry Mancini”
  • “With Malice Toward None”
  • “Mambo Cubano”
  • “Indiana Jones: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”
  • “Colonel Bogey”
  • “Chariots of Fire”
  • “God Bless America”
  • “This is My Country"
  • If time - “Armed Forces Salute”
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For October 17, 2017

Good evening NHB!

  • Mambo Cubano - everything is sound terrific - now we’ll just get a little “pickier” and check our articulations (dot, dot, doo, doo, dot / dot, doo, dot)
  • The Best of Henry Mancini - review of m. 40-70 note accuracy / articulations / dynamics / / also m. 107-end / sfz crescendo (dynamics)
  • Indiana Jones - m. 51-84 attention to articulations, especially syncopated rhythms with accents / m. 93-99 for flute and 1st clarinet - exact rhythms, concert Ab accidental, articulations, and flute take the high Eb if that works for your (will sound like clarinet 1 that way, and the way the original goes)
  • ANY TIME LEFT? - quick review of “Patriotic Favorites - Hymn to the Fallen
  • Colonel Bogey - concert opener ? - thinking about it - bright, energetic 4 measure introduction - maintain energy and tempo at m. 5 (remember, p {quiet}, doesn’t mean slower :)
  • Hymn to the Fallen - beautiful tone quality
  • Mambo Cubano - remember articulations from sectional time
  • With Malice Toward None - review m. 85-end - inspiring, dramatic finish / m. 1-84 work on transitions from one 19th century tune to the next
  • Henry Mancini - m. 107-end same attention to dynamics / m. 40-70 accuracy and dynamics / full review from m. 1-end
  • Indiana Jones - m. 51-84 attention to accents on syncopation / check full band rhythm and flute/clarinet 1 modification at m. 93-99 / if time m. 51-end
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For October 10, 2017

Two things in this email:

1. Promotional flyer - The Appleton Public Library is promoting our concert on November 5, and has also provided us with the flyer/poster they are using so that we can promote ourselves. Attached to this email is a pdf of the poster. Try to think of places where you could post this if you’re available to print it, and preferably in color. (Thank you APL!)

2. October 10 rehearsal
  • Henry Mancini - m. 107-end / Accidentals galore vs. the key signature call for
  • Indiana Jones = M. 84-end / Fl & Clar. 1 attention on m. 93-99 for rhythm and note accuracy / everyone else m. 93-99 - accuracy on syncopated rhythm
  • With Malice Toward None - m. 85-end / special attention horn and alto sax m. 98-101 on rhythms (dotted and triplets) / also tenor sax and trombone/euphonium m. 98-101 - kind of rhythms as horn and altos but on opposite beats
  • ANY TIME LEFT? - fun with Mambo Cubano
  • Armed Forces Salute - Review
  • Mambo Cubano - Review
  • With Malice Toward None - mostly on m. 85-end - possible review of earlier sections with transitions
  • Henry Mancini - m. 107 to end (prayers for your Bass Clarinet and Tuba players who may pass out on Peter Gunn)
  • Indiana Jones - m. 85-end, and if time beginning to end
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For October 3, 2017

  • Chariots of Fire - review m. 1-34 / go on to m. 35-end, attention to the 1/8 note passages in m. 35-42 for parts 1, 2, and 3 / also 1/8 note passages in m. 59, 61, and 63 for parts 2 and 4 / this 1/8 note movement adds real ‘drama’ and interest to a strong but simple melody
  • The Best of Henry Mancini - review m. 40-70 (Baby Elephant Walk) / new material m. 40-70 with careful counting in 3/4 / one strong beat per measure / only beat one feels emphasis
  • With Malice Toward None - m. 1-84 / piece together 19th century melodies, sometimes in full, sometimes only a part, and sometimes only WW or Brass
Full Rehearsal:
  • Chariots of Fire - m. 35-end with all voices, balancing melody, harmony, and those 1/8 note rhythms / do full review of entire piece
  • The Best of Henry Mancini - full band review of m. 40-102 (newest material) / then full review m. 1-102
  • With Malice Toward None - m. 1-84, piecing parts of the band and/or tunes together (finding out what’s happening in other sections)
  • IF TIME - a fun send-off - Mambo Cubano
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April 11 through May 21, 2017 - Final Spring Rehearsal Schedule

Click to open a PDF version of the Final Spring 2017 Rehearsal Announcements.
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