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What to Expect
First and foremost, you'll find a group of friendly people who are excited to welcome you into our music-making community!

Rehearsals are Tuesday evenings at Fox Valley Lutheran High School (5300 N. Meade Street, Appleton - corner of JJ and Meade. Enter through the east doors.).

When you get to the band room, there will be a table where you can check off your name (attendance), pick up your name tag, and volunteer to bring treats.  On the whiteboard at the front of the room, you'll find any announcements and a listing of the songs that will be rehearsed that night. After that, you can proceed to your sectional room (if you are new, someone will show you) and start warming up so you're ready to begin at 6:30.

Around 7:20, it's time for a treats break!  This is a great time to stretch your legs...rest your embouchures and fingers...enjoy a treat...and get to know your fellow band members.  Approaching 10 minutes, wash down the last nibbles and get ready to begin rehearsal with the full band.  (If you are a beginner, you will generally return to sectional instruction at this time.)

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